Friday, September 21, 2012

Upcoming stuffs to do

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Sid's Speed Shop 2nd annual party and bike show! Come show Deyne some love!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012
In the morning-
The South Utah Valley Animal Shelter and a local animal control officer are teaming up to hold an event to raise money for vaccines, spays, and neuters for shelter animals in need. SUVAS’s goal is to vaccinate every animal to come through its doors. This helps to prevent diseases from spreading and keeps the animals at their healthiest. This increases their likelihood of being adopted and finding new homes. By spaying/neutering the animals prior to adoption, the adoption fees are reduced,
which in turn increases that animal’s chances of being adopted.

Then, in the afternoon-
Tyler Nelson was an avid motocross rider until about a year ago when he had an accident on his bike that left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.
Tyler is determined to continue the adventure seeking lifestyle he was living prior to his injury.  More importantly, he is determined to function as closely to normal as he possibly can.Tyler dreams of being a husband and father and would also like to one day walk again. All proceeds from the poker run go to Tyler Nelson and his quest to walk again.

Go have some good times, for good causes!!

And even later-
 Roller Derby season closer. Home town rivalry at its best!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

 Cy-cle friction (wooo ooo ooo) dou-ble feature... Doc-tor X (wooo ooo ooo) will build a creature.....


September Two Wheeled Tuesday

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Two Wheeled Tuesday this month! It was great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones! Here are a couple of pics to commemorate the awesomeness-
The heavens opened up and angels sang hallelujah when Lane Christensen rolled in on his 1976 Shovelhead.
Like he needed to tell us...

Mr. Massic rollin on in
It was awesome to meet the Charliehorse brothers, Brandon and Andrew Allen, and their rad bikes! Hope to see more of you guys!
I'm sure no one will mind if we park on the sidewalk... PSYCH!!!
If you have never had a burger and sweet potato fries from the black sheep it needs to be moved to the very top of your bucket list.
 Establishment proprietors and downright adorable couple Oak and Bleu Adams.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shop T's are here!

FRONT: Simple detail, Fast looks, Designed for speed.

REAR: Design by Ogden, Utah's own ruler Damion Saunders! Printed in AMAZING Technicolor by Jay Keele! Support your local motorcycle shop! By supporting your local motorcycle shop the shop can grow. As the shop grows it can better support you! Which is TWFMco's goal, To support motorcycle riders in the southern end of Utah county.

White shirts not work for you? I hear you! Show your support with these gray T's

Same great looks, only with grease camo.

Baseball T's $19.95 S through XL
T-shirts in Gray $14.95 M through 2XL

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stuff you should/ve do/ne

#1. Came to Two Wheeled Tuesday last night.
We didn't get to eat at Black Sheep because everyone was too hungry to wait and the place was packed (high five Bleu!) So, we ended up at Wingnutz. The beer was cold, the wings were hot and the company was spectacular. You don't want to miss it again.

#2 Stop hating cats.
Cats are a valuable commodity to the eco system. Well, I assume they are anyway, I'm not actually a scientist. At they very least they can be fun to mess with. This cat teleported or somehow equally mysteriously ended up living in our backyard. That was cool until it taught itself how to use the doggy door. It is a shit housecat. It ended up being a pretty awesome shopcat though. Here it is eating some homegrown catnip. Then space truckin it like no other.

#3 Come to the next Two Wheeled Tuesday.
You can TiVo the dancing with the stars finale and watch it when you get home, celebrate your grandparents anniversary over the weekend and mow your lawn on Wednesday. You need to feed your soul all of the awesome things it craves. Motorcycles, friends, food and quite possibly beer. I'm not going to judge. Unless you don't come. In that case I'll be filing your name under "L" for lame.